In Defense of Advertising

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People say love makes the world go ’round. I disagree.

I think advertising does.

Sound strange and unromantic? Sure. But it’s true. Here’s why:

Ads are the reason your local radio stations have always been free; they’re why newspapers cost only 50 cents.  And it’s why there are 25 free apps on your smartphone right now.

Every one of the amazing, informative, educational and really cool websites that you visit each week would disappear tomorrow if banners ads went away. You know that, but do you ever truly think about it?

I recently subscribed to a new magazine. It cost $ 12/year for 12 issues. That barely covers the cost of postage.  It’s the advertisers who are paying for the content, (and the salaries of each employee at that magazine), not me.

Festivals, concerts and all kinds of cool events are enjoyed in your community each year. This summer, when you’re enjoying a free outdoor event, check out the logos on the banner above your head. Those companies are the reason the event is free.

And yet we complain. I’ve even heard advertising executives complain about the multitude of ads we’re bombarded with each day. Not me. I say ‘thank you 15-second car insurance commercial; because of you, my personalized Pandora station is free’.  I think it’s a small price to pay for such a great reward.

~Nancy Heinonen

Publications Director

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